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Welcome to our website!

Hello, my name is Lyudmila.Luda

We live in the Chernozem Region of Russia, Voronezh city. Breeding persian and exotic cats is a hobby which makes my life full and happy.

My husband and daughter support me and share all the joys and difficulties of cat rearing, and I am very grateful for their help and understanding!

Our persian and exotic cats are registered by TICA (#21552), CFA (#224746), by WCF (per.№871-2010/100184.38). The coat colors are bi-color, tabby, calico and solid.

Our goal is to breed healthy pedigree kittens, superior to their parents.

Many thanks to Tamara Vyisotskaya who trusted us with her amazing kittens! They were the ones who started our cat family!

I would also like to thank Nataliya Kirilenko for a cute kitty who fitted in perfectly with our united family.

All our fluffy friends live with us and keep making us happy by their presence. We adore them and they return our love multiplied!

On our website you can see the photos of our persians cats, their babies and their pedigrees.

On the Show news page you will see the show results. In the Kittens available section there is information about the persians and exotics kittens and adult cats who are ready to leave to loving pet homes! The Babies page will allow you to see and reserve recently born kittens. You can find some interesting moments from the lives of our pets and also the photos of our Past kittens in our Photo gallery. Enjoy!

For kitten enquiries please contact me by e-mail or phone numbers given in the Contact us section. I will be happy to answer all your questions. I would appreciate if you told me a few words about yourself in your e-mail (where you are from and why you would like to buy a kitten)!


e-mail: llv_vrn@mail.ru

phon mob: +7 910-283-08-18, 8-952-556-98-68

phon: 8(4732) 46-13-55